David Mole

I believe there is no need for introducing David Mole being an old guard in the profession.

Tell us a bit about the beginning, how did you get bitten by the music bug and when did you decide to be a dj?

I’d like to split this question into two. It means two separate moments when and how I caught up in music and when I started wishing to be a DJ. Music has been, more or less, in the forefront of my life hand-in-hand with movies. At a young age I went to music school, I learned drums but the solfege classes I rather skipped of course. : 🙂 Electronic music itself got me around before 2000. It was the time when I started to collect and categorise tracks in a neurotic way.

How did your career start?

My career started with the Made Inn team however there was the „I Love Deep” series which occupied me frequently in those days. I played a lot in the bar of the old Merlin Klub. I adored that place despite the fact that someone fell off of the stairs every second time. : )

You were a solid member of the Corvin team, are there some funny moments that you recall with pleasure?

I got to Corvin by the Contra Mundum and I love the Bar the most. There was a party during which I fell asleep in the backstage and when it ended they locked me up in the club. When I woke up my phone’s battery was dead and being bored I started to play music and drink at the Bar. After a few hours I got bored with that as well and I managed to get to Corvin Bar through the emporium, where everyone was quite surprised upon my arrival, no need to say. The after was still going on and I got stuck there for a while. There are a lot of funny stories from that period of time but most of them are unprintable. I owe a lot to that place in many ways but mostly the friendships which originate from those times.

What do you see changing over the years in clubs and in party people?

Unfortunately there are no clubs anymore. Things aren’t going well down in the current situation but let’s hope for the best. The „good old days” saying works here. When I started to go out it was Canaan in Hungary. Bpm events, Home, Pacha, Events Hall, Kecel, DTD…. With the shutdown of Corvin a significant chapter of Budapest nightlife was closed and I do not see anyone wanting to replace it, whether it was possible or not. Most of the attempts failed because of the lack of money or impetus. Those places which could work were also closed up quickly. Like PRLMNT, R33 or VaLyó. Currently we have Arzenál, Trip boat and Akvárium (these are quality places in Budapest). Lucky thing I appeared in several independent open air parties in the last few years which are to be honest the only beacon of hope. People have been more open and receptive and electronic music was not so diversified some years ago. However nowadays it feels as if things have started to head in a positive direction.

Which were the best five parties where you played?

Well, this is a very hard question to answer. It would totally worth a separate interview but I will give it a go… : )

  • New Plum Tropics and Seance also Time Out 1st Birthday @ ArzenálRokoko : )
  • All of the Rokokos
  • Contra Mundum NYE @ Corvin  (all of them)
  • Illegal @ Belgrad rakpart
  • Made Inn @ Volt Lokál with Pöli (this was my birthday party 4-5 years ago)
  • Budapest In The Dark @ Müszi 

Thank you for the interview, please send a message to our readers.

Thank you too. I hope next year will be a lot more FIDULL for everybody. High five!

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