Decadent Sound @ FlashBack

The katartique team moves to FlashBack Studio on haloween, to take over the very best factory Buda can offer. Brittle but warm beats, strict but soft, never ending 4/4, like they say, the best thing about this music, that it always come back. See you all soon. At the entrance we’ll check your body-temperature, if you feel sick, better to stay home this time. We kindly ask you to wear a mask inside, ask for it at the gate if you left it home. Please do not smoke in the stairway, you can go down to the court, and smoke some fresh air aswell

// Line Up //
Martin M

// Visual //
Illés Andor Erazmus –
Pleux –

// Be //
Early bird – 2000
Advance – 2500
At the door – 3000