Fine Selection #157 w/Lost In Space

Fine Selection is one of the highlights of Budapest’s diverse electronic music scene with a very welcoming atmosphere. We focus on underground house & minimal music with carefully selected local and international artists who always deliver an immersive and intimate vibe to the dance floor.

See you there!

● Residents: Electric Boutique & Monoclick
● International artists that we hosted:
Alejo Galvez, Bobby O’Donnell, BODJ, Brawther, Chris Stussy, Dieru, G.U.S, Huerta, James Dexter, Lee Burton, Leo Pol, Liou, Monika Ross, Nekes, Nick Beringer, Odeon, Pauli, Snad, Yamen & Eda

Line up
● Robert Dobak
● Attic Ears
● Luiz
● Lost In Details

● Venue: Központ
● RA:
● Free Entry 

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