Suciu interview

The very first Fidull of 2023 will be hosting the legendary Suciu, hailing from Bucharest this artist is among the very few DJs who have yet to disappoint us, due to his impeccable consistency as well has his “uncloneable” sound we have all been more than eager to hear him within the walls of playground for quite some time now, with whom Dóra Popovics did an interview. 

Come February 17th for which we will of course be unsheathing the sharpest knives Fidull has to offer. Facebook event: HERE. 🙂

Hey Andrei, thank you for taking the time for the interview.
You are originally from Râmnicu Vâlcea and you started off as a local hero organizing parties in your home town. How old were you back then? What was your main motivation? How do you remember those days?

I wouldn’t consider myself a local hero. There were older guys that started organizing parties in my hometown and I was recruted by them as a resident dj in the beginining. After a couple of years I continued their path and started to invite djs that I was looking up to.

We know that your parents loved to listen to music of various genres. Did they or you have musical education? How did you learn about music? Do you play any instruments maybe?

I loved and still love to listen to music. I didn’t receive any musical education, but I received lots of music to listen to from both of them.

I guess you don’t learn about music, it just chooses you.

Unfortunately I didn’t learn to play any instrument…but I would love to learn how to play piano.

Talking about your parents, are they familiar with your work as a producer/DJ? Do they listen to your tracks/sets? Have they been to any of your gigs?

Yes they are and they’ve always been very suportive. When I was doing parties in my hometown, during the summer, my mom used to pass by for a couple of hours and during the same period my father was asking me to make mixtapes for him to listen to in the car.

When did you start producing music? What did you find most challenging in it?

2008/2009 I would say. I think the most challenging thing when it comes to making music is not to be self critical with what’s happening in that moment and to take two steps back from the process in order to get a wider and bigger picture for all of it. It’s really easy to get lost in minor details and this is how the whole flow goes away.

You entered the scene back in 2006. (That was 17 years ago, wow!) You play a core role from the beginning in the progression of this genre. How do you think back to certain stages of these years? And how do you see the current situation now?

Without being modest, I wasn’t a pioneer in this movement, there were others ahead of me. I just wanted to have fun and try to make the music that I would have liked to find when I was digging.

I would say I am a bit nostalgic when looking back. 

To be honest, in this moment, the situation is a bit unclear in the scene but I guess this is just a part of a transition that is caused by the generational change.

How did it feel playing for the first time at Sunwaves/Mioritmic or any other festival which you felt like a huge thing?

Sunwaves was my first major event where I played and of course I was anxious and a bit nervous before the big day.

But that didn’t fade and I still get goosebumps before gigs.

Last year I couldn’t sleep well for a couple of days before playing ahead of [a:rpia:r] at Sunwaves.

You have become a world wanderer. I believe you travelled to a lot of countries. Is there a special one which you really liked? Is there any country/city/club where you did not have the chance to visit yet but you would love to go to?

I am a grateful for having the chance to visit different corners of the world but I couldn’t pick a specific place. I have a list of favorite places that includ Robert Johnson, Fabric, Vent, Guesthouse and the list can go on.

It is not the first time that you come to play in Hungary and I think this is not an accident. We really like your style and appreciate your work as a DJ, you never fail to amaze us. Do you like coming to Hungary?

Hungary and Budapest are also included on the list for the previous question. I enjoy playing here but I also like the city a lot. 

It’s always a pleasure to come back and I am looking forward for this Friday.

Thanks a lot for your answers. Looking forward to seeing you soon.