JRD004 released with extra Preesh mini interview

The latest edition of JUUZ was published at noon on 15 June. The album has two Preesh tracks for us, as well as a Fedo and an Enivrez Vous remix.

Exclusive bandcamp release at juuzrecords.bandcamp.com!

How and when did you get into music production?
My journey of conscious producing started in 2017, it happened after attending several festivals with different types of music.

Besides music, what is your connection to art?
I like different kinds of art, although I’ve participated in them as a spectator, but only with music I have a special relationship.

How long have you been doing minimal music?
I’ve been doing minimal music for not a long time, moreover I like this music as something deeper and more multifaceted. Each new track can unfold in a different way, and so on to infinity. For me it is a delightful thing.

What artists or events have influenced you?
I don’t think I have any specific events that have influenced me, but I do have artist who have brought me into the world of music. These are artists like: Doubleight, Ion Ludwig, Ika, Barac. They changed my own „world”. I am very grateful to them.

What tools do you use for production?
The main tool in my arsenal is patience for finding an idea, after which a wonderful thing is born and turns into something more.

What does „Preesh” mean?
It’s simple, the pseudonym fits my last name.

How would you describe your music in a few key words?
I think each of my tracks reflects a certain period of my life’s journey. I think of it as my photo albums of memories. My music It’s not so good and no bad, it’s just is.