Unum Fesztivál Albánia

Albania is the first country in the world who approved of organizing cultural and social events with the condition of having a negative rapid test before enterance. Otherwise Albania is the freshest Festival location in Europe. It is characterized by beautiful, untouched landscape, friendly people and ideal summer weather.

The Unum Festival is taking place 3-7 June at the shore of the albanian Shengjin city from where you can see the Albanian-Alps reaching to the sky in the background. The distance from Budapest is 900 km which means a 12-hour drive. WizzAir flies to Tirana however there is no information yet about flight and tickets for June. Shengjin is 70 km far from the capital.

The early bird tickets can be purchased now for 139 euros, later it will cost 179 euros. For the locals it starts from 40 euros and prices up only till 70. All of the purchased tickets are protected by Festicket, therefore if visitors cannot attend the event the prices will be refunded.

According to the statement of the organizers: “The event will happen 100% responsibly and COVID-safe because the Albanian government approved it regardless of the current regulations of other countries. Perhaps it will be only for locals or for those who are allowed to travel but it will be kept for sure. A big shoutout for the Swallow Events team thanks to whom the rapid testing will be performed on attendees. Thus everyone who enters will be tested beforehand and will enter virus-free for sure. We are taking every necessary step in favor of following the regulations and there will be no tolerance in this matter.”

The first names released can be seen in the following video or in the event description.